About Us

Mecer IT has been in the information and technology industry for over twelve years. It has supplied volumes of computers to various industries. Mecer IT has various critical international alliances which enables it to deliver the required products and services. Mecer IT has several qualified personnel who are able to deliver a quality service to clients.

Our Office


Mecer's vision is to be a world class Information Systems distribution house, offering solid solutions backed by service excellence that exceeds customer expectations.


The mission of our organisation is to release into the hands of our clients a solid knowledge management tool that creates a competitive edge while at the same time, delivering the richest buying and ownership experience possible.

Company Values

We respect every member of staff as a human being and empower each one of them to manage specific processes. We hold open honest communication, ethical behavior and high moral character as key attributes for all staff. We rely on innovation and action as the key vehicles for sustained growth and profitability.
We respect our shareholders as business investors seeking return on investment and our suppliers and customers as partners who must benefit from our relationship. We respect the country, government and community in which we operate and we aim to give back into the community to improve the overall quality of life..